Product Review – RevAir

I had the pleasure of trying out the RevAir hair dryer. The RevAir is a reverse air hair dryer that dries hair with low heat and tension. It is drawing water away from your hair rather that blowing water away. They recommend drying hair with no product, especially no natural oils. I followed the recommendation and was pleasantly surprised.

There are three temperature settings – A cool shot, 158 degrees and 220 degrees, which are low heat compared to other blow dryers and flat irons.

There are 7 tension settings that help straighten the hair as it dries. During drying, the fact that you’re starting from the roots and going down to the ends of the hair helps seal the cuticles and makes the hair shinier.

I used the RevAir on high heat and max tension (number 7).


  1. Each section of hair dries quickly. Quicker than with a regular blow dryer, but I did use smaller sections of hair at a time.
  2. I have no concerns about heat damage because the temperatures are so low, yet effective.
  3. My hair dried evenly and also straightened evenly. I find that with a regular blow dryer, some areas come out straighter than others.
  4. My hair was extremely shiny after drying with zero product. Yes! Zero product. I did not use a heat protectant before drying. Daring? Not really. The temp was so low. I typically don’t use a heat protectant with a regular blow dryer and the temp is much higher. Does that make me a risk taker? LOL.


  1. It is pretty sizable and heavy. You actually have to make space for it to store it.
  2. The price for the RevAir is $399 for the total package and $349 for just the Hair dryer. Not cheap at all! Use code: AHairStory to save 10% though!
  3. It is loud. Not as loud as a vacuum cleaner, but definitely in that category.


  1. How is the care towards my roots? Excellent. There isn’t high heat. My roots came out dry and as straight as the length of my hair. Of course there isn’t anything like flat ironing, so if you’re looking for bone straight, you’ll still have to whip out the flat iron.
  2. Has it cut down on my dry time? No, it hasn’t. I can dry my hair pretty quickly with a blow dryer (15 min), but I am able to do much larger sections. With the RevAir, I used smaller sections so that’s why it took a little longer (30 min).
  3. Do you think it would be something you would do on a regular basis? Absolutely! I’d be more inclined to use it weekly or every other week because I don’t have the fear of heat damage like with a regular blow dryer.
  4. Is it worth the price? If it maintains the integrity of my natural hair after repeated use and the actual RevAir lasts long (several years with frequent use), then I believe it’s worth the price. Only time will tell in terms of that. If it’s something you plan to use once or twice a year to straighten, then it may not be for you. If you do decide to Rey it, you can use code AHairStory to save 10%!

Overall a great product. I’m glad I finally tried it and will continue to use it regularly as I’m planning to blow dry my hair more throughout the colder months here in New York. If you have any additional questions, comment below and I’ll be sure to answer them.


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