Quarantine Skincare

Was everyone else suffering from negative quarantine skin too? You know… the dry, dull, ready to breakout skin. I was! At first I had no idea why, but I stopped to reassess my skincare routine since being home and I realized it was lacking.

To start, I don’t have a very extensive skincare routine because for me, the simpler the better. A gentle cleanser and some moisturizer seem to work best. What I did realize was that I wasn’t washing and moisturizing my face twice a day as I usually do. My logic… I wasn’t leaving the house, what was I really washing it twice for? The epitome of laziness!

I had to go back to my usual routine. Wash with a gentle cleaner, let it air dry, then moisturize. Repeat at night. Once I went back to my basic skincare routine, my skin thanked me. Until… I started working again.

Once I started working again, I had a breakout on my cheeks due to wearing a mask all day.

My advice for maskne (mask acne) is:

  1. Make sure your face is clean prior to putting on a mask.
  2. Make sure you’re wearing a clean mask everyday. Personally, I wear disposable ones, but if you’re using a cloth mask, be sure you wash them after a full days use and use a clean one.
  3. Don’t wear the mask any longer than you have to. If you’re driving in your car alone, let your skin breathe!
  4. Once you get home and remove your mask, be sure to clean your face as soon as possible.

The bottom line is… stick to the skincare routine that has worked for you in the past and be sure to keep things really clean when it comes to your face.

I’m back to soft, dewy quarantine skin and I couldn’t be happier!


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