Let me take you back to September 2009. This was probably the longest my hair has ever been. It was also on it’s way to being very thin.

September 14, 2009. My hair began shedding a lot, so I started perming it more often to prevent the shedding. My ends were damaged and I eventually trimmed it a bit.

This was September 15, 2009… after the trim.

I’m not sure if I thought long and thin hair was cute, but this was (April 2010) a month after my very last perm. Gross!

More to come…

4 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Oh wow! I never saw this post. Looking at that last pic and the one in your hairstory, it’s like two different heads of hair! I can now really understand why you decided to go natural. I had never gotten to this point with relaxers. I only ever relaxed twice a year. So, the damage only happened when that lady decided to layer the relaxer over my previously relaxed hair. I’m glad for that though, as it made my decision easy. Also, since I’d previously chopped my relaxed hair very short from very long, I wasn’t afraid to do it again. Though, honestly, I do prefer myself with long hair and probably won’t ever go really short again. I think that, when I get older, I might try locks though (if my hair will take them, we’ll see).

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