My Experience

I can’t say my experience has been great so far, because it hasn’t. I’ve watched so much of my hair fall out since I’ve began the process of growing my hair out. I’ve even cried, thinking I would end up bald because of all of the hair I saw coming out.

I tried a few natural styles, which worked out great back when I was only 2 months in. I’ve read about “The Mat” which is the place where the new growth and chemical hair meet and it gets really matted up. I’ve experienced “The Mat.” I never thought I would have the problem of breakage at that area, but that was part of the reason why my hair was breaking so much. I had no clue how fragile that area is. When I look at my hair now, I can see the short strands of new growth standing up, which tells me that the permed part has broken off.

I decided to give the natural styles a break for a while and I went back to my old routine of roller setting it. I almost died when I took the rollers out the first time. My hair had grown a lot, but it was sooooo thin. That was the first and last time I’ve roller set my hair since I’ve started this process. Even if it is thin, I don’t want to see how thin it is.

I’ve been letting my hair air dry (with leave-in conditioner) and then quickly blow drying it just to straighten it a bit. I know heat isn’t the best, but it’s enough to get me through this period of the growing out process. I imagine it’ll take me like 2 years to fully grow it out because of how long my hair is.

I wonder if I’ll get impatient. Honestly, I do miss my hair being straight sometimes.

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