How it all began…

I am officially growing my perm out. There… I said it!

In the past, I would never say that because I didn’t want to say it and change my mind and have to go back on my words. I would say “I’m taking a break from perming my hair.”

My first perm was when I was in the 7th grade. No, I didn’t neeeeed to perm my hair, I just did it because perming was the only way to keep it from getting frizzy when I wear it out. I had to beg and plead my father to let me perm my hair. Finally one day, he gave in.

I’ve always loved to wear my hair straight. Prior to perming when I was much younger, I would always beg my mother to blowdry my hair straight. She hated that request because my hair was so long, but she did it anyway.

My last perm was in March. You want an exact date? March 11, 2010. I didn’t even know it would be my last perm. I was never one of those people who had to perm every 6 weeks. I just permed my hair when I felt like it. Sometimes 3 months, sometimes 5 months, but towards the end it was getting closer and closer together. After like 2 months my hair would start shedding, so I permed it to make the shedding stop.

One of the reasons why I finally decided to stop perming was because my hair was getting too thin for my liking. My scalp wasn’t even in good condition. Not to mention, almost everyone I know has stopped perming their hair and their hair looks so healthy. More of a reason to test it out.

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