My Second Wind

The first time I really fell in love with my waves was around mid March 2011. I was getting ready to wash my hair and I happened to part it on the side. To my surprise, all I saw were beautiful waves. This was motivation to keep going.

I had just passed my 1 year mark and I expected my hair to be at least 1/2 natural, but I was only about 1/4 natural and maybe 1/3 natural in some areas. I was extremely discouraged. I expected it to take about two full years to grow out my perm, but having only 1/3 new growth at most at the 1 yr mark made me realize it would take much longer. The waves gave me a second wind.


5 thoughts on “My Second Wind

  1. Your waves are just perfect! Man, I do miss having more curl to my hair. People are always asking how I get my edges so smooth and I just think, “because my hair is dang near straight and I don’t like it and I want curls that brush down into waves!!” *lol* but *sigh* too. It’s just funny to me because we so often want what we don’t have. It’s great that you love your hair and texture … but, what’s there not to love;-)?

    • Was your hair always that straight, or is it mainly from the henna? It grew so much tho! I just saw your YouTube video about pre-pooing and you just whipped that bun down and all of this lucious hair just fell. Loved it!

      • LOL!!! No, it was a lot curlier! Have you seen my Flashback posts? You can see it there. I have this older picture that I want to scan, but it’s so dark, I don’t know that the curliness and bigness of my hair will show! It was shorter, but it was so much curlier and bigger! I think the volume is returning though with getting the shedding issue under control finally and my new method of only applying henna to my roots. And thanks=).

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