I completely forgot to post about my wash day after the last set of twists. It went great! I actually started untwisting my hair on the ride home one day.

When I got home, I doused my hair in coconut oil as my pre poo as continued untwisting. I must say, it was soooo much easier to take out than put in. I had no difficulty untwisting my hair, even without the coconut oil. That was just an added bonus.

My concern was that I would miss a twist (you know I’m good for that) and find it a month later when it’s starting to loc. LOL.

For the most part, I caught all of the twists. There were about 4 that I discovered as I was washing my hair. Those were harder to take out because my hair was already wet and had shampoo in it. I used Kinky Curly Come Clean for that extra clean feeling.

I had them in for about a week, so I think it was worth the trouble. If my scalp didn’t get dirty so quick, I would probably be able to keep styles much longer.

Here’s a pic of the thinness of my current twists. Are they not mini twists? Lol


The finished product



10 thoughts on “Untwisting

  1. Ahhh taking out is always easier than putting in.

    I wore my hair in I guess you can call it mini buns all over the back. I parted on the side and flat twisted in the front and did these little mini buns all over. when it came time to take them out, they just wanted to spring back in place! lol shrinkage….yes it’s a beast.

  2. OMGosh Rece … okay, I concede (because I know that stretched twist and comment were for me;)! LOL!!!! Did you do the twists on wet hair or dry? You know me … I sooo love your shrinkage!! Your curls are sooo pretty! I used to have curls almost like that *sigh* ;).

    • Ha haaaa! Yes, that pic and comment were for you and Marsha. I always twist it on wet hair. This time, I had to re-wet a lot of it because it was drying. I don’t remember that happening last time. Not sure what was different. Maybe because I used a different conditioner.

      Anyway, like I said before, the twists may have gotten just a little bigger as I went along because I was getting tired. I always start in the back. It’s easier to keep the twisted hair out of my way. I know a lot of people start in the front so that it’s neater. *shrugs*

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