High Bun


After my hair fiasco, I’ve been wearing strictly buns. My ends aren’t even ready for the public eye. I wore my hair straight for the last two weeks. Yesterday I washed it and trimmed my ends some more. I’ll be straightening and trimming every two weeks until they’re good again.

I decided to try the Aubrey Organics Glycoprotein Balancing Conditioner. I was going to buy the Honeysuckle Rose, but I didn’t want something THAT heavy and conditioning, although my ends probably need it. The GPB Conditioner is pretty good. I like the way it smells and it made my hair feel pretty good. I didn’t feel bad for using a lot because I got it from The Vitamin Shoppe and didn’t have to order it online and waste money on shipping.

Today’s style was a high bun. I see all of the young girls rocking this style, so I figured I’d try it.