A Moment to Rest

I’m giving my hair a rest this week. I’ve been wearing it in a bun for what seems like forever. I need a rest from the gel and constant strain on my hair from pulling it back.

Every style I do, my main concern is whether or not it’ll give me ssk’s. I can’t stand them. I did these twists a little bigger than I have in the past because I was pressed for time. They came out good, but I may or may not have manipulated my hair a lot in order to pin it up, so it’s a little frizzier than usual.






4 thoughts on “A Moment to Rest

  1. I have neglected my strands for about a month! I wish I could have put in the twists but they don’t last on me 😦 They look great and healthy on you! I hate SSK too. I have yet found a formula to keep them at bay

    • They don’t last long on me either. Maybe a week… especially since these are bigger than I have done them in the past. I’ve been neglecting my hair also.

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