Pampered My Mane

My hair was dying for hydration, so last night I washed it and conditioned it with Curl Care by Dr. Miracle – Nourishing Conditioner (from my October CurlBox). This conditioner was so creamy and nice. My hair felt soft as soon as I put it in. It also gave my scalp that minty tingle. I am in love!

I left it in while I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, so probably close to an hour. I rinsed my hair, blow dried (Eek!), and straightened it with the InStyler. I didn’t curl the ends this time.

It was a struggle, but I refrained from trimming my ends. I realized that I rarely have split ends. I mostly trim it to even it out and so that the ends don’t look unnecessarily frizzy.

My hair feels delicious! I’ll be moisturizing and giving my hair some extra pampering. It took a beating in Costa Rica.

You see the ends.



Styles & Products

My vacation was excellent! My hair was super dry though… even before it got wet. I used my vacation as an opportunity to try new products for wash and go’s.

First up… African Pride – Bouncy Curls Pudding (courtesy of my October CurlBox).

Love the curls I got! The product is moisturizing, not sticky and my curls weren’t crunchy. I’d use it again, but I’d only buy it again if it’s inexpensive.




Next up… Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. I’ve been dying to try this product. I ordered a little sample pack… and I’m glad that’s all I ordered. They say its like fabric softener for hair. It smells really good… kinda like fabric softener… but it feels sticky… kinda like fabric softener. As soon as I put it in my hair, I wanted to wash it out. I thought maybe it felt sticky because it was still wet. Perhaps I used too much? I left it for dinner that night but washed it out before I went to bed. This one definitely is NOT a winner.



So I wore my hair in two cornrows for a few days out of my vacation. Since my hair was so dry, I tried to keep it braided and tucked in. I couldn’t wait to come home and deep condition it. (Which I did tonight and with a new product. Stay tuned for that!)

Tonight when I unbraided it, I almost wished I waited until tomorrow. How cute is this?!


More to come.