Coconut Milk Pre-Poo

Truth be told, my hair hates coconut oil. It works well as a pre-poo, but the buck stops there. It usually makes my hair feel like hay. Yesterday, Hairscapades posted about Coconut Milk as a pre-poo. It sounded like a splendid idea… especially considering it was WASH DAY! In addition, it sounded like it would be phenomenal on my troublesome scalp. Definitely worth a try. I deviated from the mixture suggestions though.

I mixed:

4 tablespoons of coconut milk
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of EVOO
1 tablespoon of jojoba oil

Once I finished mixing it, I randomly poured in more coconut milk. Why not go all out?! LOL. I poured the concoction into an applicator bottle and sectioned my hair in 4. I applied it to my scalp first and massaged it in, then I applied it to the length of my hair. I covered it with a showercap and let it marinate for about an hour.

I loved the mixture, but it was the stickiest thing I’ve ever worked with. The mixture itself was watery, but when it drips on your neck, or arm… or anywhere and dries, it’s just a sticky mess. The next time I do it, I’ll probably forego the honey.

My hair feels amazing. My scalp looks very nourished. I’m considering doing a coconut milk rinse after washing my hair the next time. I froze the remaining coconut milk in an icecube tray for future use as Hairscapades suggests.

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s definitely a keeper… and inexpensive.




Curl Discovery

Two weeks ago I discovered my curls and I haven’t been able to let them go ever since. I finally tried a wash and go after admiring the Instagrammer @princesslinzz’s curls. She uses Kinky Curly Curling Custard for her curls. I’ve had this product for years. I used it once for a twistout and it had way more hold than I needed, so I tucked it away and haven’t used it since. After seeing Princesslinzz’s hair, I decided to give it a whirl. Love love love it!



My showercap can’t fit…

I pineapple it at night…


…and I’ve been rocking my curls ever since!



I was originally scared of ssk’s, but only time will tell. My ends feels fine though.