I Hate My Hair

I’m having an “I Hate My Hair” week. You know… when it’s not long enough, not short enough, not straight enough, not curly enough, not thick enough, not thin enough. It’s just the complete opposite of what you want it to be. Everyone else’s hair looks amazing and then you look in the mirror like WTH?!

I looked at boxes of relaxers online and gawked over the straight styles. I looked at websites for wigs. I looked at websites that sold wavy weave hair.

At the end if the day, I washed my hair, deep conditioned it with Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner and made a curly ponytail.

I used EVOO and Curls Creme Brûlée. I love that stuff! This is the first time I’ve used it for a wash and go so we’ll see how that goes. So far, the curls are looser and not as defined, but I still like the way it looks.


I’m mainly bored with having a bun everyday. I can’t wait for the Fall/Winter to straighten my hair and take advantage of the versatility of this natural hair.


Busy, Busy, Busy!

What’s been consuming my time?

Nail Fabulosity!

A little over a month ago, I started my own line of nail polishes called Nail Fabulosity. I am currently selling on Etsy at NailFabulosity.Etsy.com. I create unique hand blended nail polishes that are 5-free and cruelty free.

5-free means that they’re free of the toxins formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Cruelty free means they’re never tested on animals.

Some polishes are glitter polishes, some are thermal and change color based on temperature (my personal favorite) and some are holographic nail polishes.

I create custom order nail polishes if you have something special in mind.

I create custom orders as favors for events such as baby showers, bridal showers and birthdays. So if you know the bride to be is a pink girl, I will create a lovely, unique pink polish as favors for her bridal shower.

Please check out the website and let me know how I can be of service to you.

I’m also on Instagram (@NailFabulosity) as well as Facebook (Nail Fabulosity).

Here are a few of my beauties…


I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram where you can enter to win a bottle of nail polish. Details @NailFabulosity on Instagram. Enter to win!