Shedding Season

My hair has been shedding like crazy! I know it’s the season where my hair usually sheds, but wow! I thought to post pictures of how much hair I shed during a wash session, but you guys might think I’m crazy if you saw it.

Hairscapades posted a pic of her shed hair recently and that sort of gave me the guts to go ahead and do it.

Disclaimer… my hair wasn’t combed all week. It’s my shedding season, so it’s not like this all the time. Also, most of it comes out during the conditioning/combing-out part of the wash session.

So without further ado, I present to you… my shed hair!


I’ve also realized that I haven’t used a protein conditioner for a while (maybe most of the Summer) and I used one for the last two washes, so this is a little less that what I’ve been collecting. Craziness!


One thought on “Shedding Season

  1. I don’t know what your detangling process is but I’ve recently discovered seamless combs. If your interested check YouTube for a few videos about seamless vs non seamless combs, I hope it helps if that’s part of the issue 🙂

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