Faux Wash & Go – Take II

Last weekend was the first time ever that I wore my natural curls all out… no ponytail! I decided to do the faux wash and go method that I got from Naptural85 years ago, which she posted a video recently called No Fuss Quick Summer Beach Curls. I tried it before a while back, but thought it would work much better when my hair was a bit longer.

Basically, I washed my hair. Deep conditioned it. After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I applied olive oil to my hair and then twisted it under running water. I used four sections. I believe Naptural85 uses more sections, but her hair is much thicker than mine.

Once your hair is twisted, you stretch each section across your head and let it air dry. Of course, I did this at night so it could dry overnight.

I was extremely pleased with the results. I’ll definitely be trying this again. The one thing I must say is that my hair did expand a little as the day went by. I attribute it to the fact that there are no styling products added, it’s pretty much your natural curls and olive oil.

Who said I have a problem with big hair though?!





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