Sale! Sale! Sale!

Hey there!

Here’s the deal. I have a ton of great new and gently used products, but I’ve run out of space to store them all. I decided to have an Instagram Sale to clear out my closet a little. I created an Instagram account called @AHairStorySale. Listed are many new and gently used products (specified for each listing) and the price noted is the final cost. No additional for shipping!

Check out the products. If you see something you like, just comment on the pic with which one you want and your email address and I will send you an invoice. I’d like to sell everything as soon as possible. Items ship once the invoice is paid.

Happy shopping!



One thought on “Sale! Sale! Sale!

  1. Hi Rece,

    I am very delayed in reviewing my emails, but I noticed you were having a sale on your excess products. I LOVE a sale, however, I am not an Instagram user. If you have any remaining products and it would not be too much trouble would you mind posting what is left? Thank you


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