The Flat Iron Dilemma


I’ve been straightening my hair for about 7 weeks now. Time really flew by. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

Prior to this, I was using some not so great (read: horrible) tools to straighten my hair. They were old and outdated. When I couldn’t fit in a hair appointment to get my hair professionally straightened into my schedule, I decided to use the money to buy myself a good flat iron so that I could straighten it myself.

I shopped around and asked around and got many suggestions. I was trying to decide which brand to get and if to get a nano titanium flat iron or a ceramic with tourmaline flat iron. I ended up getting totally confused with all of the information and recommendations because people had such great results with both. At the end of the day, I realized that whatever new flat iron I bought would be MUCH better than what I was currently using.

I decided to get the FHI Heat Technique G3 Original Professional Hair Styling 1″ Flat Iron in pink. No, I didn’t get it because it was pink, that was just an added bonus! I got it from Target for $79 (5% off with your Target Card). This is a tourmaline ceramic flat iron. One thing I was looking for in a new flat iron was temperature settings. Although this one has temperature settings, it uses a dial to adjust the temperature, rather than a digital temperature control. I didn’t realize this until after I bought it. I never really considered it while I was shopping around either. Minor details though, it still works extremely well

The first time I used it, I was floored with how silky and straight my hair was. My hair didn’t feel dry or burned, but you know the real test is the first wash to see if your curls pop again. I used the flat iron on the dot between 325 and 370 degrees. I do several quick passes over my hair because if I’m going to straighten it, I want it straight.

I can’t say I was very worried about heat damage because I used my trusted heat protectant and I was very mindful of the temperature and how my hair responded. The only thing was that I was using a new tool that I was not familiar with.

The results have been equally great for the last 7 weeks and I am very happy with my purchase. My curls still pop when I wash my hair, so all is well. I’ll probably continue to straighten my hair over the next several months… or until I get bored with it.

Up next… how I straighten my curls.



Straight hair

The first wash


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