Product Review – EboniCurls Hooded Scarf


I was completely intrigued by the idea of the hooded scarf by EboniCurls! Many nights I spent folding my square shaped scarf into the perfect triangle to achieve a shape that will properly cover my hair. Once I saw the hooded scarf, I had to have it!

This scarf is shaped like a hood, but has long ends that you can tie in the front or the back. Genius! It is perfect for my smooth styles, like when I slick my hair back in a bun or when my hair is straight and I wrap it. It keeps my hair smooth underneath. Now I can be cute for bed!

The hooded scarf comes in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colors and prints. I chose the Cheetah Dreams hooded scarf with red on the inside. Choosing a print was probably the hardest decision because I loved so many of them!

They also ship quick so you’ll have your order in no time!

Check them out at






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