Blow Dry or Not?


I often go back and forth in my mind on whether or not blow drying is the best option for my hair or twisting it wet and not applying heat. 

I’ve been wearing my hair in twists for months and haven’t touched the blow dryer. One wash day, I noticed that the ends of my twists were feeling a bit raggedy so I decided to blow dry it to trim it a little… or a lot! 

My ends were really a lot worse than I thought. I trimmed quite a bit off, but I knew that there was a lot more to go. My hair gets single strand knots (ssk’s) so easily and twisting it wet and letting it air dry makes it more prone to ssk’s. Blow drying, on the other hand, keeps my ends straight and prevents it from knotting on itself. 

Although twisting my hair is a low manipulation style, my ends are always exposed and left alone to their own devices. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be blow drying and bunning and really protecting my ends. 

I realize now that I don’t have to choose one or the other between twisting and blow drying, but perhaps a frequent mix of both is more beneficial. 


9 thoughts on “Blow Dry or Not?

  1. Reading this blog was so funny to me. Yesterday I washed my hair and decided on blowing my hair out. Then today I decided to examine my ends closer. They felt all jagged and beat up. So with no hesitation, I went a dusting (but more like a full trim). I love to look and feel of my ends when they are not misbehaving and having a battle with the pesky ssks. I was wondering should I do this more often as well? So yes, I think I will. My hair is typically pulled back and in an updo anyways, only coming out to play on most weekends.

  2. I had blow dried my hair for a couple months because of the ssks. I had gotten to a point where I was so frustrated with my hair. Realizing that the longer my hair got the more tangled it became. I’ve been chemical free for over 6 years but those ssks had me wanting a perm. My only solution has been to blow dry or stretch my hair in order to style it. I’ve noticed less breakage and my hands are not manipulating my hair as much. I tried really hard to be a part of the no heat movement but it was not working for me. I have no idea what I’ll do this summer, when the humidity comes out to play.

    • Totally understandable, but ultimately you have to do what’s best for your hair. That’s my plan too. I’ll be blow drying for a few weeks until I can get my ends under control.

      You can always blow dry and bun when the humidity gets bad.

      Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am a long time transitioner although most of my relaxed hair has broken off, I used heat once on my hair I think that’s the time I lost my relaxed ends. I do not know when will I ever use heat again.

    • Oh mannnn. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, we have to be careful with heat whether we’re relaxed, transitioning or natural. Thankfully blow drying my hair has never seemed to cause any damage. Flat ironing is when I have to be extra careful.

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