You may or may not know, but out of the blue my face broke out for like 2-3 years. I had acne and scars from the acne and none of the dermatologists I went to were able to treat it. It was strange to me because my face was fine all my life and it just started when I was 25 or 26. The dermatologists told me that the reason for this was that this just sometimes happens to women in their 20’s. Really?! Unacceptable!

Finally I went to the 4th dermatologist, who someone recommended to me. She gave me a whole regimen and various products to use on my face. She told me I had to give it a chance and she mentioned a product I absolutely hated… Cetaphil. If you’ve ever tried Cetaphil, then you know it doesn’t lather. How can you clean something if there is no lather?

I promised her I would give it a fair shot for 2 weeks and do everything exactly as she said, despite my feelings toward Cetaphil and products like it. Don’t you know my face cleared up soooo nicely within those two weeks! In addition to that, the moisturizer she gave me for my face was aloe based, whereas most products are either water or oil based.

My point is… what’s true for my face seems to be true for my hair and scalp. As I’m reading up on hair products, everyone is recommending sulfate free shampoos, which apparently don’t lather. It’s less damaging to the hair and helps retain the natural moisture. I’ve chosen DevaCurl No Poo. I like it so far, but I do plan to try other sulfate free shampoos.

Since the aloe based face moisturizer worked so well on my face, I decided to buy aloe vera gel to put in my hair. On some sites, they mix it with conditioner and used it as a moisturizer. A friend of mine said she uses it like gel and that it holds her hair down better than gel. My hairline is extremely sensitive. I think aloe vera gel is a much better alternative than regular gel. I just hope it works as well on my hair texture.

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