March to Present

April 3, 2011 – Another twist out. My hair looks extremely healthy here. I wish my twist-outs lasted more than just a few days. It’s pretty low maintenance and it looks great!


April 17, 2011 – Waves all the way back to my bun. My bun however is a dry, permed, knotted mess.


April 23, 2011 – That’s a sexxxaaayyyy curl… followed by some unwanted perm.


April 30, 2011 – 13 months of new growth.


April 30, 2011 – The last time I blowFryed my hair. Pure torture. My hair completely rebelled. I gave up!


May 18, 2011 – This pic always makes me want to cut off the straight ends. My hair was loaded with conditioner here.




4 thoughts on “March to Present

  1. Kudos to you on your natural hair journey. Your curls are gorgeous!!!!!! I only transitioned for 5 months before I chopped off the relaxed ends. How long do you plan to transition?

    • I guess as long as it takes. It’s been 15 months already. I do get frustrated with the straight ends sometimes, but I’d like to keep most of the length. I imagine that when I get to the end and there’s like an inch or two left, I’d cut it off. We’ll see.

  2. Okay, the blowFryed face is CLASSIC!!!! It is too funny and cute!! I never heard it called that before either! Love it! LOL!! The more I look at these old pics, the more I’m wowed by how beautiful your natural curls are!! You’ve never done a WnG pic from what I can remember … always twist outs. But your natural curls are gorgeous!!

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