Yesterday, I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding for the first time. I’ve heard people say how good it works, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I put it in my hair while it was damp and I loved how it made my curls look. My hair didn’t look frizzy, it just defined my curls. This was great!

Background Info: My hair line is extremely, extremely sensitive. It doesn’t take much for it to flake and scab. I don’t even know what products to avoid, other than most gels and castor oil.

As the day went on, my hairline felt very dry and itchy. I tried to avoid scratching it until I was able to get home to examine it. To my surprise, I found a patch of dry skin. This was unusual to me because my hairline had been doing so well since I began washing my hair bi-weekly. In addition, there were no signs of irritation prior to me using the Curly Pudding. After I washed my hair and the dead skin was lifted, I could see that that area looked very irritated and inflamed.

I’ll test out the curly pudding again one day, just to be fair, but I’m pretty sure that was the only new product I used. How disappointing!

In other news… can we discuss why my hair doesn’t dry? I’ve been under the dryer for what seems like a lifetime and my hair is still wet. The only reason why I’m even under the dryer is because I know it won’t dry overnight. This prevents me from doing a lot of styles. What good is a style if my hair doesn’t dry for my style to set? Is there something that makes hair take longer or shorter to dry?