My First TnC!

I unexpectedly took out my TnC today instead of tomorrow and I absolutely love the way it came out. I fell in love with my hair all over again! *squeal*

One thing I like about it is that it seems as though it’ll last longer than my twist outs have been lasting (1 day). I feel like it also gives me the flexibility of changing it into other styles as the days go on. I’m excited!

This pic is when I just took the flexi-rods out.

This pic is when I just unraveled the twists.

…and here I am heading out. I didn’t fluff it as much as I could have in hopes that this will make it last a little longer. I figured it would fluff and loosen up on it’s own. Now what to do with it tonight? I’m going to try pineappling it and hope for the best in the morning.