My First Style

I was finally able to create some sort of a style from my second day TnC. It’s very simple. Just a swoop and a bun. It’s actually a style I’ve always loved, even in my days of relaxed hair. All week I’ve been trying different and probably some crazy looking styles.

One particular day, one of the doctors I work with said she didn’t really like my style. *gasp* Nobody asked her for her personal opinion, but we’re cool, so I took it. I actually didn’t really love my style that day either. (Actually, the style was good, I just didn’t put enough time into making it work for me). I decided to try a different style everyday and she would vote on it. So far, the TnC is her favorite. It’s been pushing me to experiment more. I think I’m finally understanding that my hair will have good days and bad days, like everything in life.

I was always the type of person who had every hair in place. It’s true when they say that having natural hair isn’t only about learning to work with a different hair texture, but also removing everything you’ve been brainwashed to believe stands for beauty.

Here’s my style…