Quickie Twistout

This weekend I did a quickie twistout. I was supposed to wash my hair on Friday so it would be clean and styled for the baby shower I was going to on Saturday, but I was too tired. Instead, I went to sleep. On Saturday I had a thousand errands to run and I knew that if I washed my hair, it wouldn’t dry in time. I decided to just twist it, after my hair had been pulled back into a ponypuff/bunnytail all week.

I used a little Organic Root Stimulator – Twist & Lock Gel. I twisted it a little smaller than I usually do just so I can have more definition. I expected it to come out really well because my hair was stretched already from the ponypuff/bunnytail… and it did!

I always feel like I have to have a fierce twistout when I’m seeing people that I haven’t seen in a long time. Especially when this is the first time they’re seeing me with short hair.

Mission accomplished!





8 thoughts on “Quickie Twistout

  1. Reese, your hair is sooo GORGEOUS!! And, I swear, you need to rock those twists because they are just LUSCIOUS!! You are looking fierce! Did you get lots of compliments? Did anyone approach you to talk hair?? I’m sure you are going to be inspiring people left and right to go natural … especially because you had all of that super long hair and were brave enough to chop it off and give up the chemicals!!

    • Thanks! I would rock the twists, but I can’t part the back of my hair to make it look neat.

      I had a few hair conversations. Most of my fam is natural, so people were glad to see I finally joined the crew.

      I actually get asked about my hair a lot. Always in Target down the hair aisle. Most popular question is “How did you get your hair to do that?”

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