Let it be?

Despite all of my wonderful hair growth, there is one section of my hair that grows so much slower than everywhere else. It’s also the section that had straight ends after I did my big chop. I kept trimming a little more off of that side because I thought that maybe I didn’t successfully cut off all of the relaxed hair, only to realize that those ends just like to be straight.

4 months post big chop and those ends are still straight. That section is significantly shorter than the rest. I do sleep on that side, but the part that is just above my ear and the back is growing nicely. It’s right above that that’s takin its sweet time.

It was more apparent when I straightened the front of my hair to test out the half wig.

What’s a girl to do? Trim the rest to sort of even it out or just let it be what it is? Decisions. Decisions.


Making Progress

I did a twistout this past weekend and I’ve been retwisting it dry every night. It was just this weekend that I realize that my hair has grooowwwnn. I don’t know if it went through a growth spurt, but it seemed significantly longer that I remember it being. Maybe I didn’t realize because I haven’t twisted it in a while because I’ve been bunning, but wow! It’s getting longer by the day because its stretched from the retwisting. It’s getting fluffier by the day because of the rainy weather.

Many people even commented on how much my hair has grown, or how quick my hair has grown, so it’s not just me. I can even reach my hair in the back to stretch it down now! I guess I can finally make my length check t-shirt.

I’m excited!