I (almost) always take a multivitamin. I question whether it’s necessary or not, but I take it anyway. A few months ago, I started taking Biotin in hopes that my hair would grow faster or at least stronger. At the time, my nails were very dry and brittle as well, which is unlike me, so I figured I would be able to see the effects of the Biotin in my nails if nothing else. I also began taking MSM which Shelli of Hairscapadesand a few other bloggers recommended.

I’ve taken my biotin faithfully and I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference. My nails were still dry and brittle, but I discovered that it was because I was wearing nail polish 24/7. When I finally gave my nails a solid 2 weeks without nail polish, the condition of my nails improved.

I haven’t noticed any difference in my hair strength or the rate it’s growing that would warrant me to continue taking Biotin or MSM.

Looks like I’ll be sticking with just my multivitamin.

Do you take any supplements? Have you noticed that it made a difference?