I (almost) always take a multivitamin. I question whether it’s necessary or not, but I take it anyway. A few months ago, I started taking Biotin in hopes that my hair would grow faster or at least stronger. At the time, my nails were very dry and brittle as well, which is unlike me, so I figured I would be able to see the effects of the Biotin in my nails if nothing else. I also began taking MSM which Shelli of Hairscapadesand a few other bloggers recommended.

I’ve taken my biotin faithfully and I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference. My nails were still dry and brittle, but I discovered that it was because I was wearing nail polish 24/7. When I finally gave my nails a solid 2 weeks without nail polish, the condition of my nails improved.

I haven’t noticed any difference in my hair strength or the rate it’s growing that would warrant me to continue taking Biotin or MSM.

Looks like I’ll be sticking with just my multivitamin.

Do you take any supplements? Have you noticed that it made a difference?


15 thoughts on “Supplements?

  1. Hi Rece,

    I am a fan of prenatal and multivitamins and I think it does wonders for my hair. The prenatals help with thickness and length retention. I switch between the two so that I can see the difference and prenatals definitely help with growth.

    • If prenatal vitamins weren’t so expensive, I would have tried them!! I tossed up the idea many times. I heard those work, but shouldn’t be taken long term if you’re not prego. Not sure what qualifies as long term because I heard you should take them a year before getting prego.

      • I get the Target Up & Up brand its 100 in a bottle for $5, Wal-Mart also has some for $4. Never heard about them not being safe I have been taking them for the last 2 years and the bottle says they can be taken before, during and after pregnancy. I haven’t experienced any side effects. I also read that people who donate their hair take prenatals, I guess to speed up the process. Good luck to you on your hair growth journey =)

        • That’s true, but I think it’s not recommended long term because of the high doses of some of the vitamins in it.

          Wait… $5 at Target?!?!?! Perhaps I’ll try it at that price! Lol. Thanks for the info.

          I hope nobody come to my place and thinks I’m prego and didn’t tell them, if they see it. Lol

  2. I took biotin before and it didn’t work for me either. Maybe it’s just us because it seems to work for everyone else.

  3. Wait Rece. Get this. My friend Sheila put me on these hair, skin and nails vitamins by Andrew Lesserman over on HSN. They have MSM and Biotin too and while I have yet to try it, there’s so many reviews it’s crazy the results people are seeing. I’m going to try these when I’m done with the ones I bought from Whole Foods because I’m not sure the WF vitamins are doing anything.

    Here’s the link to the ones over at HSN:

  4. Well for me I have been taking biotin and MSM for over a year and have yet to see the results. I have the most non-growing brittle nails in the world and they have not improved since taking the vitamins. My hair I couldn’t tell you if it has changed or not. I do so much to it that the improvement of it could be a result of many things. I took both supplements for so long because I thought I had to wait but now I don’t know. I also want to try some prenatal to see if that would work. I’m with you Rece after a year I don’t think I will be taking them anymore.

  5. I don’t really see a difference in my nails with MSM (and definitely didn’t with Biotin alone), only henna seemed to help with the nails. But, I definitely felt I saw an increase in growth when I started taking MSM. Now I’m wondering if it was just because it was summer and maybe my hair just grows faster then!! Who knows, but MSM also helps with my knee pain, so I’ll continue to take it for that alone. I also just started on pre-natals, but only after running it by my doctor first. Given that I’ll be 40 soon and want to have children, I asked her if it was a good idea for me to start taking them and she said it was and prescribed me some. However, they are expensive (the co-pay was, like, close to $30!). So, I will probably go to an OTC brand once this 90 day supply runs out.

    • Btw, are you guys still getting e-mails for blogs you follow?!?! I haven’t getting e-mails of your post anymore … ever since WordPress was messing around with stuff about 2 weeks ago it seems I’m not getting my e-mails for the blogs I follow!

    • Yup! Those things are expensive. That’s what discouraged me. I’ll prob try them soon tho. Check Target like Ashley said. That’s what I’m going to do.

      As far as emails… I get yours. I assumed nobody else blogged. Now I have to go check if they did and I missed it.

      • Well, I just “resubscribed” to your blog, we’ll see if it works. It shows that I’m following both you and Marsha on my stats page, but I definitely haven’t been getting any e-mail updates with your new posts. Hope this works.

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