Winter Hair

I think my ¬†hair is already loving the colder weather. My hair always goes through some things in the Fall, then it flourishes in the Winter. It’s been feeling very moisturized lately. I realized that my hair soaks up a lot of oil when it’s freshly washed, so I make sure to oil it thoroughly so it has more than enough to absorb.

I think that as my hair grows, the texture is changing. I feel like my curls are loosening a bit. Maybe because it’s usually stretched by me bunning it.

I’m back to bunning everyday. I took a few days off from bunning for Thanksgiving and all, but that’s it. I have hair goals to reach. I’ve been taking my prenatal vitamins everyday, you would think I was actually pregnant. LOL. They’re actually smaller and easier to swallow than my regular multivitamins, so that’s a plus.

I’m well on my way