Winter Hair

I think my  hair is already loving the colder weather. My hair always goes through some things in the Fall, then it flourishes in the Winter. It’s been feeling very moisturized lately. I realized that my hair soaks up a lot of oil when it’s freshly washed, so I make sure to oil it thoroughly so it has more than enough to absorb.

I think that as my hair grows, the texture is changing. I feel like my curls are loosening a bit. Maybe because it’s usually stretched by me bunning it.

I’m back to bunning everyday. I took a few days off from bunning for Thanksgiving and all, but that’s it. I have hair goals to reach. I’ve been taking my prenatal vitamins everyday, you would think I was actually pregnant. LOL. They’re actually smaller and easier to swallow than my regular multivitamins, so that’s a plus.

I’m well on my way



6 thoughts on “Winter Hair

  1. Hey Rece, could also be as your hair gets longer, it weighs down, thereby loosening the curls. What do you think?

    I’m using Dr. Andrew Lessman’s vitamins and so far I’m noticing a change in my nails the most LOL. They are getting more resilient to breakage. Jury is still out on if it’s helping the hair or not.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! I was actually hoping the weight of my hair would loosen the curls. All is well.

      I think the vitamins are helping my nails too.

      • I’m hoping for more weight too. After defining my curls this morning, I can really see the distinction in length between my lead hair (bottom) and my overall head of hair. My overall head is really about 10/11 inches while my lead hair is now 15 inches. It looks like I have layers. I don’t like it so I’m going to get those puffy twists like Shelli. Not sure when though. Maybe for my birthday jan 15

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