Kinda Straight

I randomly decided to straighten my hair yesterday. I had been tossing up the idea in my head for a little while and yesterday I just took the plunge. I was careful to put a heat protectant in it. Of course I have a truckload of products like that from when my hair was relaxed.

It was pretty easy to blow out. I was soooo surprised by how long it really is. My hair isn’t short at all! I guess with all of the shrinkage and twisting, it always appears shorter. I used a curling iron after I blow dried it to straighten it a little more and to curl the ends. My ends absolutely do not curl. My ends are still bushy. (Remember my bushy ends from shortly after I did my big chop? …still there). As soon as I straightened it, it started to revert.

When I was done, I just pulled it back into a bun. No surprise there! LOL. I wrapped it in the night and thought that maybe wrapping it would smooth my ends a bit. No ma’am! My hair has always been resistant and that hasn’t changed. Resistant to relaxers, colors and anything else I tried. My hair is super uneven. I knew one side was shorter than the rest of my hair, but I didn’t know it was THAT much shorter.

No, I won’t be straightening my hair again anytime soon. There was no point. Today, I went to the gym and ran and that was the end of my hair. Needless to say, I washed all of the product out of it and put it right back in my trusty bun… with my bun maker!


8 thoughts on “Kinda Straight

  1. I’ve been trying to tell you that for forever! Now, will you listen when I tell you that your hair isn’t short?! LOL!! And, ooh yeah, you cut about an inch and a half there, didn’t you? Meh, no one will ever know unless you tell them;)!!

    • LOL. I swearrrrr I didn’t cut it that much! It was only when I first cut off the relaxer. I haven’t touched it since!

      I think it grows slower than the rest too. That piece is my problem child. The ends are always straight when I twist it and it’s always so dry over there. I’ve been trying to moisturize it more.

  2. This is a good blow out. It looks almost relaxed in the pic where you’re combing!
    I don’t plan to do it til next year but when I do I’m not doing it myself. I’ll let the dominicans burn me for a day LOL. One day in a year won’t hurt. I find that the Salerm 21 does really well at protecting.

    • Noooooo! Don’t let the Dominicans burn your hair with that super hot blowdryer!!! Your curls will never come back. It happened to my sis. She was going to this lady who would straighten her hair for a while and all was well. One day the lady wasn’t available so she went to the Dominicans and she practically had to grow her hair out as if it was permed.

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