I guess it’s safe to assume that my hair is growing because my nails are growing.

I usually keep my nails cut short because I’m a nurse, but one day I decided to let them grow and it felt like the next day, they were claws.

I said I would cut them when one of them broke (after the pinkie) and uhhhhh… they just kept growing. I finally decided to cut them down a little yesterday because I’ve already scratched myself in the face 3 times! Needless to say, I haven’t done much with my hair because that would end up tragic.

The thing about it is, my nails aren’t dry and brittle anymore. They’re actually growing very strong and healthy now, which is what I’m used to.

Let’s just assume the same about my hair. =)



4 thoughts on “Claws

  1. Mine have always been pretty good. Only recently I noticed that they looked dry and brittle. They were short and still breaking and splitting. I was taking that Biotin for so long and didn’t notice any difference. I started the prenatal vitamins and now I notice a difference. I don’t know how fast nails grow to really attribute it to that because it feels like I haven’t been taking them for that long (maybe I have).

  2. Oooo I love the base nail color! What’s the name of that? Didn’t you say you were taking biotin? I was thinkin about buying some. I know that makes the nails grow along with prenatals. I use to take prenatals faithfully until my fiance asked why I was takin them lol I couldn’t justify besides sayin it was for my hair lol… He looked at me weird lol. Men don’t get it sometimes ha ha ha

    • The nail polish is called “Jo” from It’s one of my fav colors.

      As far as the vitamins. I stopped Biotin and MSM. I’m just taking Target brand prenatal vitamins now. I’ve noticed improvements in my nails since I’ve been taking them. I haven’t noticed any changes with the biotin and/or MSM.

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