Christmas Hair

I wanted to do something different with my hair for Christmas. I had no idea what I was going to do up until I put the conditioner in my hair. At first the plan was to do a bun because that’s quick, easy and would last long. I’m on vacation from work though and Christmas was coming so I figured doing something a little extra wouldn’t hurt.

I saw this style on Her Best Hair that I absolutely loved. I knew my hair wouldn’t come out exactly the same and I was already planning that I would do it a little differently.

I must say that it took me forever to do my hair. I didn’t time it or anything, but I wasn’t in a rush to get it done, so I just took my time. I absolutely LOVE the way it came out and I would definitely do it again… very soon.

I did 3 two-strand flat twists on one side and I did small two-strand twists on the rest of my hair. I styled it wet, after I pre-poo’d, washed and deep conditioned it. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but hopefully at least a week.




So, what did you do with your hair for the holidays?


12 thoughts on “Christmas Hair

  1. Cute Rece!!! I like both looks!! Your hair is so shiny and curly!!! Sorry to hear about your SSKs, but seems like you took care of them! That’s why I do Search and Destroys. If you leave the ends unchecked entirely, you definitely will find frayed ends and knots after a few months. So, I usually try to feel and look my way through on wash day to snip out the most egregious of offenders;)! I know you may not be at the length yet to do that though, so regular trims should serve you well until you get to the point where you can relatively easily see your ends all the way around. Or, you may just opt for regular trims on straightened hair. Whatever works, I always say!

    • Yeah, once my hair grows I wouldn’t be so timid about trimming it and I’ll be able to see exactly where needs trimming. I actually liked trimming my hair (when it was relaxed) because I like even hair. We’ll see though. I’m just taking this hair thing one day at a time. =)

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