Single Strand Knots

I’ve always seen people write about single strand knots (ssk’s), but I just knew I didn’t have any. I’ve been going along my merry way, just doing what I do.

When I straightened my hair a few days ago, the ends of my hair (mostly in the middle section) seemed very bushy at the end. You know how dolls hair is when you don’t comb it for a while? Well… that how the ends of my hair felt. This is what lead to my decision to trim it.

As I assessed my hair prior to trimming it, I noticed SEVERAL single strand knots! I thought to myself, how could this be?!?! How long has it been like that? …and how come I had no idea?

I gladly trimmed my hair and I actually wish I could trim more, but that would just exaggerate the unevenness.

From now on, I’ll be straightening my hair to trim it regularly. The last time my hair was trimmed was when I cut off the relaxed ends in July. I guess that’s too long to go without a trim.

Here’s my hair on a humid/rainy evening when it started to revert. Not too bad though.



6 thoughts on “Single Strand Knots

    • It’s actually still straight. I think 5 days so far! The rain yesterday made a few waves show up in the front though. I’m going to try something new for tomorrow, then wash it tomorrow.

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