The Unthinkable

I don’t know if it was a great idea or not, but I did something that I would normally never do.

Like two days ago, I was oiling my twists just to keep them moisturized and it looked a little frizzy to me. I decided to spritz it with water because I figured that would make it continue to curl and sort of stick together as it had when I first twisted it. It worked like a charm. My twists looked super shiny and like new again.

Fast forward to today… my head was itching me a lot. My scalp is used to being washed every four days or so. Today is day four of the twists. I thought maybe I could hold out until the weekend to wash my hair. Then I started to wonder what would happen if I washed my hair while it was still twisted. My first thought was that the twists would unravel. My second thought was that they would curl and look refreshed again. My third thought was that it would make it more of a nightmare to take them out.

Well… they didn’t unravel. They do look pretty refreshed. I’m pretty certain it’ll be a nightmare to untwist when it’s time. I think it would have been a nightmare regardless though.

So, it still looks good and my scalp is happy.



4 thoughts on “The Unthinkable

  1. Guess who’s coming to dinner…..knotty dreadlocks! Hahahaha! Let’s hope you don’t end up with locks when you’re ready to take your hair out. But it def looks good.

  2. It looks great Rece! I wouldn’t think you should have a problem detangling. It’s not like you’ve had them for two weeks and then wet them, the hair is twisted, so it’s stretched in a way and, if you keep it moisturized and lubricate it to release (apply your pre-poo oil before releasing each twist), I can’t see you having a problem. But, maybe I’m wrong?

    • I’ll definitely be pre-pooing! I actually didn’t condition it last night because I didn’t want the twists to unravel. My hair isn’t dry or anything though. I’ll likely be untwisting it tomorrow night, so I’ll keep you posted.

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