Perfect Weekend Weather

The weather was unseasonably warm this weekend. I was very tempted to try a wash & go. I wore my hair in a twistout on Saturday.

I neglected to twist it up Saturday night because I figured I wouldn’t really be going anywhere on Sunday (I was skipping church). Besides, my twists were really set, so I thought that if I did end up going out on Sunday, my twistout would still be set. Boy was I wrong!

On Sunday when it was time to get dressed and go, my hair said no, no, no! I tried to work with what was left of the twistout and it just wasn’t happening. I thought that this would be a GREAT opportunity for me to just do a wash & go so I could hurry up and leave the house. I did a quick co-wash and began applying products. I was rushed, so I didn’t think carefully about which products would make for the best wash & go and I just applied whatever was in reach. Needless to say, it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t horrible either.

Ultimately, I just decided to go with a pony because I didn’t know what my hair would look like after it dried.

Better luck next time!


7 thoughts on “Perfect Weekend Weather

  1. I know the weather was awesome!!! I definitely rocked a twist out on Saturday too lol. Safe and easy style. And on Sunday (today)I slicked them joints right back into a bun because I didnt re-twist my hair when I went to bed and they looked a hott mess. ha ha I had the same pony version you have but bunned up lol Our hair synced this weekend lol

    • LOL!!! I really thought it would have worked out for today even though I didn’t retwist.

      I checked your blog and you haven’t posted recently. What’s up with that?! Lol

  2. weather was great! now…not so much! lol how do you smooth down your ponies? Your hair always looks so shiny and your edges never have flyaways or frizz…that’s magic! How do you do it??

    • I knowwww. Now the weather is… blah! Lol.

      To smooth down the front, I use castor
      oil, then Eco Styler gel. I always do it when my hair is completely wet. I do break the natural haircare rule and I brush the front. *shrugs* Old habits die hard, I guess.

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