Perfect Weekend Weather

The weather was unseasonably warm this weekend. I was very tempted to try a wash & go. I wore my hair in a twistout on Saturday.

I neglected to twist it up Saturday night because I figured I wouldn’t really be going anywhere on Sunday (I was skipping church). Besides, my twists were really set, so I thought that if I did end up going out on Sunday, my twistout would still be set. Boy was I wrong!

On Sunday when it was time to get dressed and go, my hair said no, no, no! I tried to work with what was left of the twistout and it just wasn’t happening. I thought that this would be a GREAT opportunity for me to just do a wash & go so I could hurry up and leave the house. I did a quick co-wash and began applying products. I was rushed, so I didn’t think carefully about which products would make for the best wash & go and I just applied whatever was in reach. Needless to say, it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t horrible either.

Ultimately, I just decided to go with a pony because I didn’t know what my hair would look like after it dried.

Better luck next time!