Wash & Go

The one thing I was looking forward to doing after I cut my hair was a wash and go. Would you believe that 2.5 months has passed and that’s the one style I’ve never tried?!

In the beginning I was hesitant about do it because of how much my hair shrinks. I must have like a 100% shrinkage rate. I was already adjusting to short hair and for my hair to look even shorter wasn’t really an option. In fact, I’m still adjusting to short hair.

Now that I realize that I haven’t done a wash and go, it’s probably too cold outside to do it. Going out in the cool/cold with wet hair is NOT and option. Do you still do a wash & go in the Fall/Winter?

I’m still trying to figure out what the best products for a wash and go are. When my hair was relaxed and I did a wash and go, setting lotion was my best friend. It gave me the definition I needed, but didn’t make my hair crunchy (depending on the amount I used). It also didn’t dry out my hair like gel did.

circa July 2007 – Wash & Go with setting lotion

What do you use for your wash & go?


Winter Hair

I just realized today that the winter is coming and I have no clue how to care for my natural hair in the winter. I know the main things, but there are a few things that worked out great in the summer, but I can’t imagine doing in the winter.

For example, these cold water rinses. Great idea in the summer, but could be deadly in the winter.

I was never one to let my hair air dry. Another thing that worked quite well in the summer, but I may freeze to death if I try that in the winter.

Everyone wants to hide their hair in a bun in the winter, but what’s going to keep my neck and ears warm in the winter if my hair is always pulled back?

I was planning to take a pic of my twists tonight, but my iPhone died. It occurred to me that I never take pics with my camera. I turned it on to take pics and immediately gasped at the first pic that popped up.

Oh, how I miss thee! I just love the way long hair looks on me! Ok, I’m done weeping.

I got sidetracked. So the pics I meant to post were these…

Fresh twists, ready for the weekend. Can you see the bushiness at my ends now?

Anyway… How do you guys manage your winter hair routine?