Winter Hair

I just realized today that the winter is coming and I have no clue how to care for my natural hair in the winter. I know the main things, but there are a few things that worked out great in the summer, but I can’t imagine doing in the winter.

For example, these cold water rinses. Great idea in the summer, but could be deadly in the winter.

I was never one to let my hair air dry. Another thing that worked quite well in the summer, but I may freeze to death if I try that in the winter.

Everyone wants to hide their hair in a bun in the winter, but what’s going to keep my neck and ears warm in the winter if my hair is always pulled back?

I was planning to take a pic of my twists tonight, but my iPhone died. It occurred to me that I never take pics with my camera. I turned it on to take pics and immediately gasped at the first pic that popped up.

Oh, how I miss thee! I just love the way long hair looks on me! Ok, I’m done weeping.

I got sidetracked. So the pics I meant to post were these…

Fresh twists, ready for the weekend. Can you see the bushiness at my ends now?

Anyway… How do you guys manage your winter hair routine?


4 thoughts on “Winter Hair

  1. Rece your bangs seem to grow the fastest. My bangs seem to grow the slowest. My sides grows faster than the rest of my hair. About the cold months and hair regimen, I have no clue being that I live in South Florida and it gets cold for short periods or should I say doesn’t last as long as up north. Since being natural during the cold months I have actually had braids in the last 2 years around the colder months. This time around I planned on not putting any braids in. I will probably do as I’m doing now, buns and updos. Also focusing on what products I can’t use too much of during the cold season such as castor oil. Anyways that all I have.

    • Yeah the front and the back especially grow so fast. The middle seems to be the slowest. I didn’t realize it so much when my hair was straight. I always attributed the middle to being broken off somewhat because I always wrapped my hair. Who know it just grew slower?!?

      Lucky you for living in Florida. I hear that NY is supposed to have a pretty brutal winter too. I just can’t do the cool water rinses anymore and it’s only October. I really have no clue what I’ll be doing with my hair this winter. Winter is usually the time my hair grows though. We’ll see.

  2. I think that your hair looks so much better now Rece and, once you have the length, it will be frickin’ even more drool-worthy! Given that your hair was that length relaxed, I know your hair will be like Mickey’s in no time! You just wait and see. As to Winter, I was good for doing WnGs in the winter and leaving the house with a wet head! Really, I only had problems when I was using that gel with protein. Other than that, I was fine. I hate the Winter and hate cold, but I’m still able to do cool/lukewarm rinses in the winter. Just wait until after you finish your shower and just do your head and use lukewarm water, rather than cold. But, I will say that I will definitely be doing protective styles this winter, as you know, that is my GOC regimen:)! But, you should definitely try a WnG before it gets too cold. You soooo could have tried it this weekend. Hmmmm, maybe you did:)? And, you already know what I used for WnGs, so you know, no need to comment there.

    • I soooooo can’t wait until my hair is as long as Mickey’s!!!! LOL

      I’ve actually been washing my hair at the sink. That shower washing got old quick. I still can’t stand the cool water on my head anymore and it’s not even that cold… YET! Maybe when the heat comes on I’ll feel more comfortable doing it.

      Speaking of this weekend being nice weather for a wash and go… let me start my next post! LOL

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