My Little Secret

What’s been going on? Nothing much over this way. I was proud of myself for actually finishing two jars of hair products. The My Honey Child – Olive You I’ve already replenished, but I doubt I’d replenish the DevaCurl – Heaven in Hair. It was good, but it wasn’t heaven in MY hair!

I realized I have two main styles and I go back and forth about which one is more beneficial for my hair… a bun or a twistout. I like both for different reasons, but I’m realizing that as my hair grows in the back, it’s rubbing against my clothes and tickling my neck. LOL. In the long run, that probably won’t be a good thing.

Regardless of which style seems better, my hair is definitely growing. How do I know? Well……. I secretly did a length check for my own personal knowledge! LOL. Don’t ask for pics because you won’t get them… at least not yet. I probably won’t do a public length check until the end of the month and I’ll keep it quarterly.

This is usually the time of year where my hair starts shedding, for some unknown reason. I don’t know if it’s because of the change in season why that happens. My hair actually fares better in the winter. This year I’ll miss my hair keeping my neck and ears warm.

I need more versatility though! I want a nice cornrow updo or something. I’m pretty bored with my hair these days, but I have been sticking to a regimen and taking good care of it.

Well, that concludes another pictureless post. There’s really nothing to see here guys! =)


2 thoughts on “My Little Secret

  1. LOL. I’m right in that boat with you on “publicly” length checking. I may stretch my hair in the mirror to see if it’s growing, but I haven’t put my DIY length check shirt back on since August. And I’m not in any hurry to…

    • I’m with you! I do twists or buns. Well, really it’s all buns because the twists never come out right so they wind up in buns LOL

      Just got my length check t-shirt. I’m going to do a pic tomorrow night.

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