Bad Habits Exposed!

I don’t always follow the natural hair rules. It’s one of those situations where you know what you should be doing differently, but you just can’t. Old habits die hard.

For example, I know I shouldn’t brush my hair, but I do anyway. How else am I going to get it smooth to make a ponytail?

Many naturals don’t comb their hair. I do. I comb it when it’s wet, but not necessarily covered in conditioner and under running water. Occasionally I may, but most times it’s after I rinse out the conditioner and I’ve applied my Kinky Curly – Knot Today.

If I have a ponytail I sleep with a cotton scarf because it stays on my head better than a satin scarf. *shrugs* In addition, I still use my elastic ponytail holders. NEVER a rubberband though. I never understood how people do that.

I guess we all have bad hair habits. Mine are exposed now. Maybe I could retain more length if I didn’t do these things, but they’re things I find very hard to completely change.

Will I be flogged and banished from the natural hair community for this?