Bad Habits Exposed!

I don’t always follow the natural hair rules. It’s one of those situations where you know what you should be doing differently, but you just can’t. Old habits die hard.

For example, I know I shouldn’t brush my hair, but I do anyway. How else am I going to get it smooth to make a ponytail?

Many naturals don’t comb their hair. I do. I comb it when it’s wet, but not necessarily covered in conditioner and under running water. Occasionally I may, but most times it’s after I rinse out the conditioner and I’ve applied my Kinky Curly – Knot Today.

If I have a ponytail I sleep with a cotton scarf because it stays on my head better than a satin scarf. *shrugs* In addition, I still use my elastic ponytail holders. NEVER a rubberband though. I never understood how people do that.

I guess we all have bad hair habits. Mine are exposed now. Maybe I could retain more length if I didn’t do these things, but they’re things I find very hard to completely change.

Will I be flogged and banished from the natural hair community for this?


5 thoughts on “Bad Habits Exposed!

  1. Flogged?? Smh….I haven’t heard that word on a while. I think everyone has bad habits. I’ve been combing my hair everyday. It’s how I keep it stretched. Plus when I wasn’t combing my hair before when I finally combed it and tried to do a braid out my ends were horrendous! I ended up cutting the ends and vowed to take better care of them. What do naturals do with their hair in the night if they’re aren’t combing or brushing it??

  2. *raises hand* I use a brush to smooth my hair back too, Rece.. Like you said, how else am I supposed to do it? Curly Nikki says she smooths hers back with her hands. And I’ve *tried* that, but it doesn’t produce the results I’m comfortable with. Either way, I noticed huge improvement when I switched to a soft bristle brush… I was originally using a really hard, boar bristle brush and my edges hated me for it. We cool now, though. LOL

  3. I’m currently transitioning going on 3 months now and I do still use a brush to lay my edges down. My challenge I’m facing is how to keep my style the next day without it looking flat. Since I started my transition only style i know how to do is the bantu knots.

    • I know what you mean about your style looking flat the next day. I still haven’t conquered that challenge. Pineappling never worked for me. Keep working with it. It’s a long, tough process, but worth it in the end!

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