Curly Nikki NYC Meetup!

Last night was the Curly Nikki NYC Meetup. I got to meet Nikki! I was like the ultimate groupie every time she retweeted anything I said on Twitter in regards to the meetup. LOL.

I got there a little late (in true Sherece fashion), but just in time to hear Nikki and the ladies from Mizani speak. They gave out a giftbag with coupons for the products and only two small samples of the products. I know it was free and all, but I thought to myself, “That’s it?” LOL.

I bumped into some friends I hadn’t seen in YEARS, who are also natural. That was exciting. Not to mention meeting many of you who I’ve come to know through blogging.

I wasn’t sure what to expect because this was my first “meetup”, but it was a cool event. I got tons of compliments on my hair (which was definitely behaving the way I expected) and people even recognized me! Craziness!

I did a twistout on freshly washed hair. I washed my hair with DevaCurl – Low Poo. I conditioned with Aubrey Organics – Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner. I used Kinky Curly – Knot Today as my leave in. For moisture and to seal, I used my EVOO mix. In each twist, I added Curls – Creme Brule for definition and after I twisted my whole head, I smoothed some Kinky Curly – Spiraling Spritz to add light hold to the style.

Here’s Me and Nikki!

My sis and Nikki! My sis had a braidout.

One of the Mizani ladies (Toni Garcia-Jackson) styling hair. I’ve gotta get some of those Mizani Lacers!

Here’s the Crew: Michelle of RadiantBrownBeauty, Shelli of Hairscapades, Me, My sis and Miche’al.

Me and Melissa, my friend from my first job ever… Mickey D’s, back in the 90’s!

Shelli really does walk around with scissors in her bag!!!! LOL

Shelli and Boog had a moment. Playing Peek-a-boo! Boog is such a good baby! She slept part of the time, over all of the loud music and talking. When she woke up, she was in such a good mood. She’s so beautiful with her curly hair.

Shelli and her sis. So much fun to hang out with!

Shelli, Me, My sis, I don’t know her name, but loved her fiery red puff, and my friend Natalie from elementary school!



14 thoughts on “Curly Nikki NYC Meetup!

      • You guys do look like sisters, but not identical:). Now Marsha and her sister? Dang! LOL!! These are great pics!! OMGosh, I just had so much fun!! My only complaint was that the music was so loud that my throat and ears hurt by the end of the evening because I was screaming to talk! LOL!

        • Yeah, Marsha and her sister. Wow!

          I felt like I was losing my voice too. I guess they were trying to give it a lounge/club feel, but all we wanted to do was talk about hair!! LOL

          • Exactly! Oh, and I meant to say …. what are these Mizani lacers?!?!?!? I completely missed that! I didn’t see any of the demos! That wave pattern is cool! Okay, you are making my PJ itch!! And, I didn’t know Natalie was your childhood friend!! LOL! She is super sweet!!

  1. Ummm, and yeah … I’m jacking other photos from you!!! LOL!! I thought Shana took a pic of me, you Michelle and Miche’al, but I don’t have one! Oh, and had to snag me and my scissors … look how hard I’m cheesing!! LOL!!

  2. Ohhhh… the Mizani lacers. She showed me how to use them, but I tried googling them and I can’t find them. They looked pretty cool and easy to use. I wonder if the hair model had natural hair though. It didn’t really seem that way, but I don’t know for sure.

    • Heather, from GOC said the same thing about the lacers. She heard about them before the meet up and she can’t find them anywhere. I don’t think the woman was natural. It seems like her took to easy and to me natural hair does not always behave in such manner. LOL! It takes some time to get it to listen like that.

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