Ok, only one, but here’s a pic of my sexxxaaay, smooth bun since you guys couldn’t live without it. =)

Do you see the size of it?! Delish! Doesn’t it look well moisturized and buttery? Yup! LOL

P.S. I’ve been trying to upload this pic from my phone alllll day and it wasn’t happening.



12 thoughts on “Picssss!

  1. I must say I now have a hankering for a Cinnabun while sitting on the beach…. LOL Yes it looks buttery and smooth! Look at the waves! Beautiful. Very chic and simple

        • That’s my trusty bun maker!

          I do love the Curls Creme Brule. I can see it making your hair tangled. Once you put it in, you can’t do too much more with your hair. I put it in the piece I’m about to twist and twist immediately. I put it in piece by piece, never in my whole head or a whole section at a time. I think it would work great if I ever did a wash and go because whenever I put it in that one piece I see how it defines my curls.

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