Go-To Style Revisited

One of my favorite go-to transitioning styles was a “two strand flat twist out” because it was easier to camouflage the two different textures.

I actually haven’t done this since I’ve been 100% natural because I knew it wouldn’t look the way I expected it to look. This past weekend I decided to revisit the style. Instead of twisting it straight back like I always did in the past, I twisted it the way I wanted my hair to fall.

I twisted my hair while it was wet, as I’ve always done. Of course, it wasn’t dry the following day. Surprise! Surprise! I just knew it would turn out disastrous, but to my surprise, I was very pleased with the results. My hair came out fluffy, but still had great definition.




12 thoughts on “Go-To Style Revisited

  1. Love it! I do the exact same thing! It’s like the only style I can do right now lol. I’m still transitioning though, so I have to roll my ends with rollers. Yours came out really beautifully!

    • Funny enough, I actually toyed with the idea of rolling the ends, but I never usually did that so I didn’t want to try anything tooooo different. I was going out that day, so it was already bad enough that I was trying a new hairstyle. LOL

  2. It looks great!!! I can’t flat twist for nothing. Ido you find it easier to do instead of regular twist? Maybe you know what I’m doing wrong. When I flat twist it doesn’t stay, my hair starts to unravel. Got to practice more.

    • It’s definitely easier because it’s only a handful of twists, compared to my usual 20. I have nooooo idea what you’re doing wrong, I’d prob have to see it.

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