Hair Health

My hair is still straight, as planned. It’s also growing a lot. The length isn’t much different, but keep it mind that it has been trimmed several times in between. Once I get rid of those pesky ssk’s, I’ll ease up on the trimming. For now, I’m more concerned with the health of my hair rather than the length. I know that if the health is there, the length will come.

My scalp is doing sooooo well. I stopped applying the conditioner to my scalp when I deep condition my hair. I only apply it to the ends. In addition, I stopped using leave in conditioner. It was just too much. Not only was my hairline breaking out in some sort of an inflammation/cradle cap situation, but right after I washed my hair, my scalp always seemed dirty still. When I parted my hair, there was literally white gunk on my scalp in certain areas. Since I’ve been using the Selsun Blue and I’ve changed my conditioning habits, I no longer have any of these issues. My scalp was just over conditioned. I can imagine that if my scalp wasn’t healthy, it affected my hair growth and health.

I’ve added a “Current Regimen” section at the top where I’ve listed my current regimen, including products I am currently using. I’ll be updating it as things change.



The Terressentials Team

Imagine my surprise when I saw that The Terressentials Team commented on my THW Cult – Day 4 post!

I’m not sure how they located me, but I’m glad their comment was very informative and didn’t bash me for calling them a cult (out of love, of course!) LOL.

The comment read as follows:

The Terressentials team says:

Hi! Hope you all don’t mind the Terressentials team jumping in here with some quick advice? If you don’t mind, please note that our Hair Wash instructions do suggest using any of our USDA certified organic Anointing Oils, Cremes and/or butters at any time to assist with moisturizing hair and/or scalp that suffers from dryness due to previous damage from foaming detergent/surfactant products, and/or styling or coloring or perming chemicals. (see numbers 1 & 2 in the Hair Wash instructions)

Here’s a tip from our instructions that outlines a special pre-wash deep cleanse (see numbers 5 & 6 in the instructions) that can be very helpful for most people in making a smoother and usually quicker detox/transition. Note that this deep cleanse treatment is highly recommend as a monthly deep cleanse for everyone. For your convenience, here’s a link to our Hair Wash instructions:

Also, to clarify our washing instructions, one does not need to wash one’s hair every day to complete the detox. The instructions are actually intended to describe how to wash your hair if you are a person who normally washes every day — ! Otherwise, for folks who wash only ever few days or once per week, the washing guidelines would apply to each time one washes their hair. Naturally, though, the longer the period between washes (and the longer one’s hair and the thicker one’s hair), the longer the time period is to complete the detox.

Marsha is correct when she says that “maybe you only needed to detox only 2 or maybe for 3 days.” The detox period is different for everyone depending on the specific natural nature of their inherited genetic hair type and the extent of damage from previously using conventional synthetic hair care products or heat treatments.

BTW, we’d like to share that we have a useful Hair Help Q & A blog (actual customer questions and our detailed responses collected over the years) that provides extensive guidance on transitioning to using truly natural hair care products and that many folks have found to be very valuable — here’s the link:

Thanks for letting us jump in here! Have fun and enjoy!

I sure wish I knew some of that information before I did the detox… especially the section I put in bold! The main reason why I leaned towards doing a longer detox was because I had recently straightened my hair and used a lot of serum in it. I know that’s a chemical that is hard to get out of hair. In addition, I use Selsun Blue Shampoo, which contains sulfates.

If I had to do it over again, I would not have washed my hair everyday for 5 days. I would have done the detox over 5 weeks as the comment suggested, since I wash my hair weekly. In any case, nothing was lost by me doing it this way. My hair isn’t damaged or dry beyond repair or anything, so all is well.

It’s straightened and holding up nicely. Pictures to come.