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My hair is still straight, as planned. It’s also growing a lot. The length isn’t much different, but keep it mind that it has been trimmed several times in between. Once I get rid of those pesky ssk’s, I’ll ease up on the trimming. For now, I’m more concerned with the health of my hair rather than the length. I know that if the health is there, the length will come.

My scalp is doing sooooo well. I stopped applying the conditioner to my scalp when I deep condition my hair. I only apply it to the ends. In addition, I stopped using leave in conditioner. It was just too much. Not only was my hairline breaking out in some sort of an inflammation/cradle cap situation, but right after I washed my hair, my scalp always seemed dirty still. When I parted my hair, there was literally white gunk on my scalp in certain areas. Since I’ve been using the Selsun Blue and I’ve changed my conditioning habits, I no longer have any of these issues. My scalp was just over conditioned. I can imagine that if my scalp wasn’t healthy, it affected my hair growth and health.

I’ve added a “Current Regimen” section at the top where I’ve listed my current regimen, including products I am currently using. I’ll be updating it as things change.



10 thoughts on “Hair Health

  1. I clarified my hair last week. Before then, I had little issues with itchy scalp/dandruff. I deep conditioned with herbal essence hello hydration, now this week my scalp is so dry! My clarifying shampoo may have been too strong, but I think it’s because I slapped so much conditioner on my scalp. When I wash today, I’m going to see if keeping the conditioner off my scalp will relieve me of this itchiness! I think you’re on to something πŸ™‚ btw, you’re looks beautiful and amazingly healthy!

  2. WOW it looks really thick and healthy. for a minute I must confess I was thinking, “why is she trimming so much. There goes Rece cutting again” LOL But this has done you well and I already see the length.

    I’m planning to get my blown out soon and trimmed professionally. Just not sure where I want to go. Maybe I should come to you because you are doing a fabulous job trimming your own hair!

    • LOL! I knew someone would comment about why I trim so much. That’s the only way my hair really grows and I know this from when my hair was relaxed. My hair has really improved since I started trimming and stopped being scared of losing length.

      I’m excited to see your hair after your trim. I would offer my services, but I have never trimmed anyone else’s hair before. You’d just be setting yourself up by coming to me. LOL

      • LOl um and I can’t no insurance so I guess I’ll have to wait!

        So you and Shelli set me up!! I totally got sucked in to buying the Terresentials hair wash LOLOL! I promised I’d wait but this morning at the crack of dawn I bought the lemon and the lavendar. I can’t see washing daily though and I’m wondering if I should wait to use up all my other shampoos and stuff before trying it. That could take months though and then the stuff might go bad.

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