Dirty Hair


It’s been weeks!!!! As you know, I straightened my hair like 2.5 weeks ago. It came out fantastic. I oiled it every night (just about). I switched up the oils I used. In the beginning, I used mostly grape seed oil, then I switched to jojoba oil, then olive oil and I also used Moroccan oil here and there. I wrapped my hair every night and I don’t think I’ve worn any protective styles the whole time. Tsk!

Having straight hair was a nice change from the usuals, but I vowed not to workout while my hair was straight. So after two weeks, I hit the gym and my hair curled right back up at the roots (as expected). I’ve been working out since. The most impressive part is that I’m on week three without washing my hair!

Why am I excited about dirty hair? Well… my scalp has been in such bad condition for years now, I HAD to wash my hair ever week (or less) otherwise I ran into major problems. Now that my scalp is in great health, I can comfortably go 2 weeks without having to wash it. I also realized that I usually wash my hair when it’s time to change my style. Like now, for example, I’d love to have a twist out, but I’m going to wait until the weekend to wash my hair.


I went to the Get Radical Conference 2012 and I got to meet a bunch of great women! You may recognize some…

Jillian Michaels (My personal trainer… in my head LOL)


Suze Orman


Lisa Price (Founder of Carol’s Daughter)



18 thoughts on “Dirty Hair

  1. I was sooooo going to text you to ask where you’ve been!!! What the heck, where have you been meeting all these ladies?!?!? And OMG, Jillian is as little as you?!?!?! Or she might be MY height?!?! LOL!! Wooh-hooh!! Do you think that it’s the Terressentials that whipped your scalp into shape!! Hey girl!!! I’ve missed you:)!!

    • I knowwwwww! I’ve been M.I.A. I went to a conference and all of them were there!

      Jillian is tiny. I met her before, but this time I realized just how small she is. She’s probably your height, she’s not as short as I am.

      As far as my scalp goes, it’s definitely because I don’t let the conditioner get on my scalp and I don’t use leave-in anymore. My scalp was just over conditioned. It’s great to have clean scalp, now I know how everyone else has been living.

  2. Great post. I’m glad your scalp is doing a lot better. What will you say contributes most to having less irritated scalp?
    That’s great you got to meet those celebs. I would have loved to have met Lisa Price.

  3. Hey lady! I have a question about the conference. Did you have to buy the VIP tickets to be able to meet the speakers?

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