1 Week Post Coconut Oil

My hair feels soooooo much better without coconut oil! I also noticed that there’s a lot less hair shed. I’ve been using straight JBCO. I forgot I had that until someone mentioned it. I had to resurrect mine. JBCO is much heavier than my usual olive oil, but my hair needed it after the coconut oil week.

I can’t say that all things are equal though because I didn’t blowdry my hair this past week as I did the week I used coconut oil, so maybe that helped also.

I also changed gels. I used Fantasia IC gel instead of Eco Styler gel and I haven’t had any breakouts along my hairline so I’m happy about that.

My style hasn’t changed. I’m still wearing my textured bun. It’s been too hot and humid for anything else. I guess I won’t be straightening my hair anytime soon either.


Failed Product!

I’m sad to say… coconut oil!

I started using coconut oil in my hair almost two weeks ago. Prior to this, coconut oil has only worked in my hair as a pre-poo.

For the first few days my hair felt good. In fact, my hair feels good when I first put the coconut oil in. I’ve noticed that when I take my bun down in the evening, my hair feels very tangled and dry, like straw. I’ve also noticed that a lot of hair comes out just by me smoothing my ponytail, with no heavy manipulation or anything.

At first I thought it was just that my hair was going through a dry spell, but coconut oil was the only thing I’ve done differently. I’m going to wash my hair this evening and go back to my olive oil and see what happens.

I’ll just stick with coconut oil as a pre-poo. I really like coconut oil too, I was hoping it worked as a daily moisturizer.