Failed Product!

I’m sad to say… coconut oil!

I started using coconut oil in my hair almost two weeks ago. Prior to this, coconut oil has only worked in my hair as a pre-poo.

For the first few days my hair felt good. In fact, my hair feels good when I first put the coconut oil in. I’ve noticed that when I take my bun down in the evening, my hair feels very tangled and dry, like straw. I’ve also noticed that a lot of hair comes out just by me smoothing my ponytail, with no heavy manipulation or anything.

At first I thought it was just that my hair was going through a dry spell, but coconut oil was the only thing I’ve done differently. I’m going to wash my hair this evening and go back to my olive oil and see what happens.

I’ll just stick with coconut oil as a pre-poo. I really like coconut oil too, I was hoping it worked as a daily moisturizer.


27 thoughts on “Failed Product!

  1. Yeah, you know I gave up on coconut oil as a sealant in 2010. Had the same exact results. But it is the BOMB as a pre-poo and added to DCs for me!

    • How come nobody told me this before?!?! Lol. I still don’t understand how some people can use it as a sealant. I wish! I love coconut oil.

      • Ooooooh, you are soooooo about to get called out.

        via my post on 7/20/11:

        And I quote:

        “One thing I will advise is that though my hair LOVES coconut oil for pre-poos and added to my DCs, it hates it for sealing. They start out playing nice, but a fight inevitably breaks out the next day and my ends are left dry and crunchy. A lot of people seem to experience the same altercation! So, that is something that you should keep in mind when using coconut oil. It may be good for one thing, but not for another and you should pay attention to your hair’s reaction to products, even the same product, when used in different ways.”

        And on 7/20/11 at 7:41 am, Rece responds:

        “My hair doesn’t really love coconut oil either. I’ll try it as a pre-poo and see what happens though. Me and Extra Virgin Olive Oil became fast friends and have been riding ever since. My hair loves it, wet or dry. That’s pretty much all I use. Throughout the week, I spritz my hair and some parts of my scalp with my olive oil mix, which is olive oil and H2O to give it moisture, but not a lot of grease.”



  2. It did the same thing when I started using it. My hair was really dry and I read something that made me think I was using too much. I gave it up then and just tried it again in January and now it works for some reason. IDK whats different cause it the same brand.

      • Yes still using it now. Besides the kinky curly leave in its the only thing that works. Maybe its a seasonal thing. I started using it the first time in winter and then again when it was almost spring so maybe thats it.

          • And I started putting it on damp or dry hair too. I think since my hair was wet I couldn’t tell how much I was putting on.

  3. Now that you got me thinking about it, I do notice my hair sheds more with coconut oil than the argan oil I’ve been using lately an I don’t have to re-apply as much

    • I wonder if it’s the coconut oil that was making my hair shed so much. I haven’t used it at all this week, so we’ll see. That would be really weird!

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