Busy Bee

What’s keeping me busy?

I decided to enroll in a program to become a certified health coach! I’ll be starting the program in May (Wow! May starts next week) so you’ll be able to come to me for all of your health needs (for a small fee, of course) Lol.

In addition, I’ve been presenting shows for PartyLite for the past couple of weekends. I really love their products. I actually have to hold off on buying things for myself, but I just can’t stop! Lol.

Check out the website and see what all the hype is about as well as support me in my venture.

This is my new acquisition! *squeal*



2 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Congrats Girl! I am proud of you! Good Luck with your certification. šŸ™‚

    Side note – I finally took my weave out and am wearing my natural hair. I like it, am learning to love it. I’ll have to send you a pic.

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